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Next course:

Learning effort:

2-3 hours per week

  • Target group: Online marketers, career changers and generalists who face the challenge of making it measurable which marketing channels and which campaigns are performing.
  • Course scope: 10-week e-learning course with 2-3 hours of learning per week – available online at any time, whether at work or at home.
  • Learning concept: Online campus with live sessions from industry experts and direct application for high job relevance.
  • Objective: Learn how to make marketing measurable, which KPIs are relevant and which tools make your life easier to achieve your set goals.

Innovative learning concept

  • Practical: Sustainable learning through direct application of the content.
  • Up to date: Current knowledge through OMR learning materials.
  • Community: High motivation through exchange opportunities in the group.
  • Online Campus: E-learning on demand – in the office and from home.

Flexible learning

  • Effort: 2-3 hours per week over a period of 10 weeks.
  • Time saving: Professional training without travel expenses.
  • Device Independent: The course is app-based as well as accessible via the website. This makes learning possible from anywhere.
  • Anytime: Access to the online campus and Slack community at any time.

Lasting training

  • Expertise: Insider knowledge and confident use of relevant tools.
  • Networking: Benefit from valuable industry contacts in the long term.
  • Exchange: Use our experts as competent contact persons for content-related questions and challenges.
  • Acknowledgment: OMR Academy certificate of completion.


Week 1
Overview and Strategy

The biggest challenge - but of course also a great opportunity - in digital marketing is to make the success and failure of your own measures measurable. In week 1, you will learn the importance of digital analytics for your marketing strategy, which basic terms you should know and which mindset and skillset you should have. We will also take a look at the criteria you should consider when selecting tools for digital marketing analytics. For the practical application in the next weeks we will get into Google Analytics.

Week 2
Tracking and Segmentation

Who actually lands on your website? In week 2, we will address this important question using audience reports. Tracking via cookies & pixels provides the important and relevant data for this.

Week 3
Marketing Channel Measurement

This week we're looking at the question: Where do your users come from? We'll take a look at how best to track different traffic sources in web & app analytics and offline marketing and evaluate them in acquisition reports. Topics such as campaign parameters and cohort analyses play a major role here.

Weel 4
Branding and Range

Starting in week 4, we will dive into the marketing funnel with you and look at which KPIs you can use to measure and optimize the awareness and reach of your brand.

Week 5
User Bahavior

This week we analyze how users interact with your website or app and derive appropriate measures. KPIs such as bounce rate, page views and clicks provide information about which content your users like.

Week 6
Conversions I

Week 6 is all about achieving goals and analyzing conversions. We'll also look at how to identify blockers in the conversion process and optimize your marketing costs and efficiency.

Week 7
Conversion II

This week we'll be analyzing longer-term customer relationships. After focusing more on e-commerce in week 6, we take a look at the differences between B2C & B2B KPIs and look at KPIs for lead generation and subscription models. You will also learn how to find the business-relevant target KPIs for different business models in practice.

Week 8
Merging Data

We dive into tools for different use cases and address topics like business intelligence and A/B testing. In digital marketing, you often run into the challenge of having a lot of data from different tools. We'll show you how to build dashboards and bring data together easily and effectively for your purposes.

Week 9
Legal Basics and GDPR

To help you to build a legally compliant tracking and analytics setup for your business, we will provide you insights and a good overview of legal principles and current regulations.

Week 10
Big Picture and Trends 

In the last week, we'll look back at what we've learned so far and derive important takeaways for you and your company so that you can harness the full power of data. Finally, we look to the future: What are the most important trends for digital marketing analytics?


Early Bird Ticket

300€ off – up to three months before the start of the course.

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Standard Ticket

OMR Academy

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The OMR Academy is a 10-week e-learning course.

We address the typical challenges of many online marketers: Data-based optimization of marketing activities and campaigns will become your hobbyhorse.

Our experts will help you determine the relevant KPIs based on the right data and make informed decisions based on them. 

Our learning philosophy starts where technical literature and one-day seminars leave off - a 10-week digital analytics program with an innovative e-learning concept.

Your direct added value: practical tips, guidelines, answers to typical and complex questions, checklists, expertise and much more to make your job easier and more successful.

  1. Accompanying material to read and watch
  2. Practical applications (voluntary)

  3. Valuable real-world examples and direct applications

  4. Exclusive community on campus

    Via our Slack workspace you can network and exchange ideas with other participants and our experts, give and receive help, or put topics up for discussion. If you get stuck on a question, you can have it answered by our experts via Slack.


Special Pricing depending on availability

Early Bird price 1.499,00 € incl. VAT

Standard price 1.799,00 € incl. VAT

Individual offers for companies on request: / +49 040 228 681 619

The course includes:

2-3 hours of investment per week (depends on your level of existing knowledge)
Gain practical knowledge in 10 weeks and apply it directly in project work
Interactive and motivating approach guarantees a sustainable learning concept with high completion rates
Virtual campus via an innovative e-learning program
Live sessions with recognized digital experts


The course "Digital Marketing Analytics - Fundamentals" is approved as a distance learning course by the State Central Office for Distance Learning under the approval number 7390821. You can find more information here.


Just contact our consulting team and we will answer all your questions. You can reach your contact person here.

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